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Episodes 18 and 19 of The Daters saw Mr Crosby, a former soldier, fly to Australia from the United Kingdom to impart his wisdom on women to two of the cast members.

After an unsuccessful marriage, Mr Crosby put a lot of research into his break-up.

He began reading about the psychology of the human mate selection and books for men who wanted to improve their confidence with women.

After a bit of research, he realised a lot of the combat psychology he already knew was actually "applicable to love" as well."This was a breakthrough for me, because as an analytical ex-soldier I had been interested in combat psychology for a long time," Mr Crosby said.

Earlier this year, six Adelaide singles took on a six-month challenge, aiming to find love while having their plight filmed for the ABC's The Daters.

Cast members Suzanna "Sooz" Parisi and Ryan "Burgo" Burgess experimented with social media and met with some success but also drawbacks.

How are you preparing for Edina and Patsy’s film debut?

Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks and June Whitfield are confirmed to reprise their roles as Saffy, Bubble, and Edina’s mum."It allowed me to transfer things I had learnt from one arena into another."I was putting my learning to the test practically as well.Before long I started to notice that I was no longer rubbish with girls."After a while, Mr Crosby said his friends started contacting him for advice on how to "get" a girl and it eventually spawned into a business.While finding a mate online was once a taboo subject, Ms Parisis and Mr Burgess said it was now a more acceptable way of dating."People are turning to other forms of dating to try to connect with people more, online dating, speed dating, Tinder etc., and I think the stigma of meeting people in those ways is totally gone," Ms Parisi said."When I was in my 20s, people used to think it was desperate to do those things, but now you get 'good on you, that's great', because essentially we all want our family/friends to be happy and if that means finding someone."Well, however you need to do it is fine with me."Mr Burgess agreed the dating game had changed with the introduction of applications such as Tinder."Absolutely [dating has changed] and not through my own experience but through friends of mine who've been married or in a relationship for years telling me 'oh my god, I cannot imagine using dating websites, or this Tinder thing, or having to go speed dating’," he said."I mean, we all judged someone 10 years ago for meeting someone over the internet, but now that's the norm.

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The Daters also features Richard Crosby, who runs a boot camp - involving theory and bar visits - to show men how to meet women.

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