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They were PARTNERS with Whitey Bulger and his equally criminal brother Billy, and STILL ARE.

And to make sure they fully understand the magnitude of their oath to defend the Constitution, every new FBI agent visits the Holocaust museum, to see for themselves the horror and injustice that result when law enforcement becomes a tool for oppression.

AG, and George W Bush & John Ashcroft were under Contempt of Congress threats at the time.

Christa was said to have been brutally beaten, raped and left to marinate in a tacky pool of her own blood.

Unlike with most crimes, police simply had too many suspects.

First on the list was the disgruntled ex-boyfriend and used book salesman who found the body.

In spite of massive head trauma, her cause of death was determined to be a single stab wound to the chest which punctured her left lung presumably, twenty-four hours earlier.

Finding the individual who yielded the knife which caused that fatal wound would stir up a whirlwind of emotions and controversy in the otherwise hibernating, tightly-knit community.

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Bush & Barack Hussein Obama, and their INHUMANE use and abuse of " Co Intel Pro" SILENT-KILL PROGRAM ATTACKS on innocent American citizen Whisleblowers lives. Bush and his AG, John Ashcroft to BRUTALLY ASSASSINATE former 17 year MA Asst.