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"If you want to know the real meaning of pornography, it is the utter dissociation of love and sex, the banishment of love from the sexual arena."---Martin Amis Why do the Jews hate Christians so much?It is because the children of the flesh will always hate the children of the spirit.---- Edward Hendrie to throw some light on porn industry workers and prostitutes. It narrows how you value yourself, how you define yourself.The basic premise: how can someone devote his professional life to an industry he believes is, in Ford's own words, 'profoundly destructive and hence immoral ...another form of rebellion against God.' Ford is a religious Jew, not a cultural one, yet it is cultural Jews - 'non-Jewish Jews,' he calls them - with whom Ford's site is most invested, specifically all those non-Jewish Jews who get it on and buy and sell the getting-it-on in the porn industry.

For that matter, Sam Roth's grandson is none other than Prof.

Theres something about the club the lights, the make-up, the clothes you wear, those huge platform heels, the way that so many women have fake boobs. The first page 3 girl was Jewish "German" model Stephenie Rahn.

Ann Summers Owned by the jewish Gold brothers, Ralph and David.

As a result, Ford's site is not really a porn site at all.

It's a daily chronicle of how devout Judaism and devout pornology play themselves out in one man's endless public arguments with himself.

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